Monthly Archives: May 2014 Website Video

We just wrapped a two-minute website video for, a leading leisure travel marketing organization serving almost 5,100 travel agency locations.

For this video, we wrote a script about Sarah, a quintessential travel agent, who sends a host of other characters on journeys throughout the world.


For one of her customers, John, she plans a transcontinental trip, ending in a teahouse on the Hua Shan Mountains of China. Sarah also plans plain vanilla trips for everyone else as well. Below are the Smiths, on their annual holiday cruise.


And here’s Sarah, hard at work for her customers. is a website where travel agents like Sarah can meet and be inspired by other travel agents.


In our two-minute spot, we explore how the website is used by travel agents to belong, inspire, and grow.

vacation04 also plans live events where travel agents can meet in person…


…helping them grow their business.

Check out the final spot on our website.