Revenge | An Animated Poem

Every once in a while we like to work on a studio art piece, in addition to our commercial motion graphic videos. This week, we present ‘Revenge’, a two-minute, whimsical short. Based on a poem by our Creative Director Joseph Silver, ‘Revenge’ is a collaboration between Designomotion and the talented illustrator, Eva Kao.

Update: Out of 750 films, ‘Revenge’ is a finalist in the Berlin Zebra Poetry Film Festival. It also advances to the semifinals of the Adobe Achievement Awards.


To produce the dream-like world presented in ‘Revenge’, Kao created separately painted gouache on paper layers, which were then scanned and digitally altered under superimposed fragments of hand-lettered words.


Music and sound design was created by Wei-San Hsu.


No animals or vegans were harmed during the rotoscoping process – and all characters are fictional. Except, perhaps, the tiger.


Check out the final spot on our website or YouTube.