Explainer Product Video for Emdeon

Recently, we completed an Explainer Product Video for Emdeon (now Change Healthcare). Here are some snaps:


Our healthcare client wanted to keep it clean and simple, using just typography, graphics, and a catchy tune. Above is the Doctor character, who rolls blithely through the video, encountering and overcoming obstacles in the healthcare industry with the help of Emdeon.

We had a ball – literally – illustrating a cast of characters that would make Edwin Abbott Abbott, author of ‘Flatland’, proud. (By the way, Abbott really¬†is written twice.)


The Patient character checks out his Portal options.


And here, the red cross of the Doctor transforms into the hands of a clock – using the magic of After Effects’ Path tool.


We leave you with a shot of the Doctor and his happy patients. Smile!

Check out the final video here in our Work section, or on our YouTube channel.