Web Videos for Flora Health

Flora Health, a leading manufacturer of premium health products, asked us to create a suite of three web videos for Flora 7 Sources, Flor-Essence Tea, and Floradix Iron + Herbs. Here are some screen grabs from 7 Sources:


The client wanted a video that was both informative and inspirational, one that educated their customers about the benefits of 7 Sources to overall health and the environment. We collaborated with the client on writing the script, designing and animating a spot driven by clean graphics, typography, and a soulful track.


The look-and-feel of the spot conveys the dire consequences to the environment from using heavy metals and PCBs, and from collapsing fish populations.


To date, the 7 Sources video has had 8,000+ hits on YouTube.

Check out the 7 Sources video here on our website, or on Flora’s YouTube channel.


A grab from the second video in the suite, for Flor-Essence Tea:


Check out the Flor-Essence video here on our website, or on Flora’s YouTube channel.

Some grabs from Floradix:


For this third video in the suite, we designed an ‘everywoman’ character, using her to illustrate both the health consequences of iron deficiency, as well as how Floradix fills the gap.



Check out the Floradix video here on our website, or on Flora’s YouTube channel.