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Show Open for Ghost Adventures

We just wrapped designing and animating titles for the new show open to Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.


There were a few late nights on this project, and, no joke, we started hearing some spooky, creaky noises here at our office loft in Union Square, NYC. After all, Designomotion is located in the former McCreery Dry Goods Store Рbuilt in 1868 Рwith lots of ghosts of its own.

Inspired by automatic writing, where a person with psychic ability writes sentences while possessed by supernatural forces, our design team came up with a look-and-feel to match the subject matter of ‘Ghost Adventures’.


We designed titles for show hosts Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Nick Groff, as well as other graphics and special effects.


Produced by the peeps at My Tupelo Entertainment.